tierra del agua,

alma guaraní








Incredible Places



On the banks of the Ypacarai Lake
The Ypacarai Lake is one of the symbols of Paraguay. The music dedicated to this splendid water mirror has crossed the world. Many sources and brooks constitute it. It is 22 km long, 5 to 6 km broad, up to 3 m deep and 90 km2. In the West, the Rio Salado, its drainage channel towards the Paraguay River, is 28 km long. Several access roads lead us to the lake. Aregua and San Bernardino are the most popular destinations with a good tourist infrastructure.



28 km from Assumption. Peaceful, mystical, impressive, noble and distinguished city. The historical city centre, with large masonries of “yeré” corridor, constitutes the architectural-historical-cultural inheritance of the nation. Places to be visited: the Head of the Government, inheritance of the Irala Burgos Family; the Carlota Palmerola Castle (1911), the “Virgen de la Candelaria” Church, built on top of a hill with spectacular view on the Ypacarai Lake; the Arts and Handcraft Centre of the city; the Bowl’s Artesian Centre. Ceramics craft industries and artisan candies are proposed in the streets of the city. Lodging and meals: Hotel Restaurant “Ozli” (0291) 32380 - 32227. Restaurant “Palmera” (0291) 32787. Restaurant “Todo Casero” (0291) 32503. Restaurant “La Fonda” (0291) 32852. "Isla Valle” Ecological Club. (0291) 32672 - (0971) 737648.


“Estanzuela” Educational farm. (0291) 32353 - (0981) 561913
Natural Monuments: Koi and Chorori Hills. 1 km from the urban zone of Aregua in direction of Capiata. Very interesting geomorphologic phenomenon. The hills are formed by horizons of sand with very well developed column-like disjunction. They are considered unique in South America and are very important for tourism.


The Lake’s Tourist Train. Makes possible to enjoy attractive excursions on Sundays between 10:00 am and 04:30 pm by travelling from the Botanical Garden Station (Assumption) to Luque and Aregua (arrival around 12:15 pm) and return to the Botanical Garden Station (around 04:30 pm). Tickets Sales: Central station and Botanical Garden Station. Offer of refreshments on board and attractive show which goes back to a traditional past of our history. Address: Eligio Ayala and Mexico. (021) 447847/8 - 443273


San Bernardino. 48 km from Assumption, “San-Ber” is the capital of the summer. It is characterized by its architecture of ends of 19th and beginnings of the 20th century, as well as by its modern residences. The social, cultural and sport (mainly nautical) activities abound. The visitors enjoy its beaches, social clubs, art galleries, exhibitions of craft industry, hotels, camping areas, discotheques, bars, restaurants and fast-foods. Lodging and restaurants in San Bernardino: “Museo del Lago” Hotel. (0512) 232201. “Balneario” Hotel. (0512) 232252 - (0981) 694212. “Sol de San Ber” Hotel. (0512) 233138 - 232399. “Los Alpes” Hotel. (0512) 232-083. “Selva Negra” Hotel. (0512) 232-872. “Pueblo” Hotel. (0512) 232195/392. “Posada Campestre”. (0512) 232207 - (0981) 404634 “Brisas del Mediterraneo” Camping. (0512) 232459. “Yrupé” Park. (021) 311949. German Confectionery (0512) 232901. French coffee. (0512) 232295. “El Gaucho” Property. (0981) 976.123 - (0981) 131450




Road Luque - San Bernardino. Ideal option for the nature lovers, for its scenic beauty and the quantity of fauna and flora species which can be observed during the journey. Picturesque bridge on Rio Salado.
Luque. The city of music and craft industry, for the manufacture of jewels, leather works, “karanda' y”, basket making, and the manufacture of harps and guitars. It is distinguished for its goldsmith works: “seven branches” rings, carts and earrings, carafes, silver “guampas” and “bombillas”.

Museums in Luque: Julio Correa Museum, Elizardo Aquino General Museum and the Monsignor Palacios Museum.


The Golden Circuit
It is the most traditional tourist road of Paraguay. It leaves Assumption and joins some very particular cities for their history and culture, in a frame of nature and sumptuous landscapes. After travelling 165 km through roads 1 and 2, one returns to Assumption. The real delight consists in dedicating more that one day to it, spending the night in one of sites offering good lodging services as well as interesting activities. The Cities that are part of the “Golden Circuit” are: Assumption, Fernando de la Mora, San Lorenzo, J. Augusto Saldivar, Ita, Yaguaron, Paraguari, Piribebuy, Caacupé, Ypacarai, Itaugua, Capiata and back to San Lorenzo, Fernando de la Mora and Assumption. Thanks to the improvement of the side paths and ramifications of roads 1 and 2, increase options to visit and enjoy other near cities, historical sites and establishments dedicated to the rural tourism and to the tourism of adventure.



Through Road 1
Fernando de la Mora. Km. 7. San Baltasar in Kamba kua. The big stars of the night of January 6th    are the “Kamba Kua” dancers who have preserved, during generations, rhythms and Afro-American dances in Paraguay. Adress: Club 6 de Enero. Barrio Loma Campamento.
San Lorenzo. Km. 13. “Guido Boggiani” Anthropological, Archaeological and Ethnographical Museum. Sculptures, feathers’ art, pottery, clothing, ritual objects (contemporary and past inheritance of native populations of Paraguay). Photographs of the Italian ethnographer and artist, Guido Boggiani (1861-1902). Address: Cnel. Bogado 888 c / Saturio Rios. San Lorenzo. (021) 584717.


“Oñondivemi” Farm. Km. 27,5. Walks on horseback, hikes, fishing, walks by boat and farming tasks. Lodging: camping and pensions. (0295) 20344 - (0971) 291038. APATUR. (021) 210550 Ext. 126/7


Ita. Km. 37. The feast of San Blas. On February 3rd , Ita celebrates its patron feast in honour of San Blas, also Paraguay’s Patron. There is a novena, a Mass and a procession. Handicraft: ceramics.


Yaguaron. Km. 48. Church of San Buenaventura. One of the most beautiful architectonical works of the Franciscans in Paraguay. Decorated with altarpieces, carved in wood and covered with gold blades. The chair is impressive.
  “José Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia” Museum. Historical relics, uniforms, furniture, pictures and figurines of saints of the 19th century. It was the residence of Captain Garcia Rodriguez de Francia, father of Dr. Rodriguez de Francia, who spent his childhood here.
“Agua Dulce” Recreational Complex. Km. 56 (600 ms. off the road). Water sources supply a huge swimming pool. Lodging: camping areas. (021) 660784 - (0981) 221729.


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The Fruit Shop of Paraguari. Km 63,5. Inaugurated, a few years ago, by selling “fruit salad” in a small shop. It is, today, a popular place for the sales of typical meals and snacks in general that, besides, has got a supermarket.


Through the Paraguari ramification - Road 2
“Mbatovi” Eco-Reservation. 72 km. (through Road 1) - 93 km. (through Road 2). Biggest park of eco-adventure of the country: “in rappel” descent through 30 ms natural walls and suspended bridges in the woods. Natural reservation. (021) 444844 - (0971) 299250.


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“Chololo” Tourist Complex. 81 km. (through Road 1) - 87 km. (through Road 2). Lodging in rooms and huts. Restaurant. River. Woods. (021) 553 965 - 551 207 - (0515) 212766.
La Quinta. At 82,5 km. Lodging: Huts with bathroom. Restaurant. (0971) 117555 - (0971) 177444. APATUR. (021) 210550 Ext. 126/7. E-mail:




Piribebuy. 84 km. (through Road 1) or 73 km. (through Road 2).
  “Commander Pedro Pablo Caballero” Historical Museum. Objects of the War against the Triple Alliance and of the Chaco War. (0515) 212202.
Ñandeyara Guazu – Dulce Nombre de Jesus. Religious Feast (January 21st) celebrated in the “Tuya” Chapel of Piribebuy. Procession and liturgical services, bullfight of rings and “torin”.



San Francisco Country Club. At 66 km. (through Road 2). Lodging in bungalows. (0516) 250301 - (0981) 802253. E-mail: 



Back through Road 2
Estancia Aventura. (APATUR) Km. 61. Lodging: Room or camping area. (0981) 441804. APATUR. (021) 210550 Exts. 126/7. E-mail:


Caacupé. Km. 54. Spiritual capital of the Country, it is there that the Virgin of Caacupé, Patron of Paraguay waits for us. The “Tupasy ykua”, close to the Basilica, is considered as the Virgin's miraculous fountain. The Carnival of Caacupé. In just a few years, Caacupé achieved a big impulse to its carnival festivities, outlining colour and animation in its chariots and dances.




Pintos Ranch (APATUR) Km. 52. Horseshow and more than 70 hectares of walks on horseback and something unusual: swimming with the horse. (0981) 987032 - (0981) 431461.
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Estancia Los Manantiales - Puesto Pino. (APATUR) At 4 km. of Caacupé through the road to Tobati. Main house in stones. Woods, streams and falls. Lodging in rooms or camping area.
(021) 497028. APATUR. (021) 210550 Ext. 126/7.E-mail:


Atyra. 67 km of Assumption. To underline: the church with its Franciscan style altarpieces.
Casa del Monte. Tourist and ecological complex. Monte Alto. Atyra. Restaurant with panoramic view. Lodging in rooms.
(0520) 20069 - (0516) 250050 - (0981) 570015 - (0971) 150826 - (021) 496307.
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Estancia Cerro Leon. 57 km from Assumption (from Ypacarai, km. 35, near Pirayu). History, nature and country life. Only for stays of one day. (021) 201702 - (021) 448164. APATUR. (021) 210550
Ext. 126/7. E-mail:


Estancia La Lilia. 57 from Assumption (from Ypacarai, km. 35, near Pirayu). History and nature. Visit of historical sites. Lodging in rooms. (021) 605446 - (0981) 466941 - (0981) 260693. APATUR. (021) 210550 Ext. 126/7. E-mail:  -


Tuparenda. Ypacarai. Km. 34,5. Tuparenda, Home of God, magnificent home of the Virgin of Shoensttat’s Sanctuary in Paraguay. Replica of the original sanctuary of Germany. The “Santa Maria de la Trinidad” Church is under construction.



Itaugua. Km. 30. City of the “Ñanduti”, delicate lace elaborated by hand that is proposed in numerous stores.
“San Rafael Colonial Religious and Anthropological Art parish Museum”.
Pictures and other religious art objects. The presented samples pass the 400 units.

Capiata. Km. 20.
  “Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria” Church. Old church (18th century). Odd altar, lateral altarpieces and chair gorgeously sculpted and polychromed.
San Baltasar. Celebration on January 6th, all day long, in the Saint King Balthasar’s Oratory. The protagonists are the “promised children”, who perpetuate the tradition of the Saint King.
Ramon Elias Mythological Museum. Pictures in relation with the mythological beings of the Guarani culture: Yasy Yateré, Malavision, Pombero, Moñai and others.





The summer vacations constitute a good opportunity to plunge us in the history, the culture and the arts of our country. Assumption proposes us to visit interesting museums and historical buildings, alone or in family, as well as social, cultural and sports events that liven this hot time up.
To know it from the River also constitutes a challenge.
A walk through museums and historical buildings


-Palace of the Government. Mariscal Francisco Solano Lopez between Ayolas and O' Leary.
-Manzana de la Rivera. Ayolas 129 between Benjamin Constant and Mariscal Francisco Solano López.
-Independence House. 14 de Mayo and Pte. Franco.
-“Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion”’s Oratory and the National Pantheon of Heroes. Palma and Chile.
-Museum of the City Hall - Cultural Centre of the Republic. Av. Republica e/ Chile and Alberdi.
-Cathedral Church. Independencia Nacional and Mariscal Francisco Solano López.
-“Sinforiano Bogarin” Museum. Next to the Assumption’s Cathedral.
-National museum of Fine Arts. Mcal. Estigarribia and Iturbe.
-“Carlos Antonio Lopez” Central Railway Station. Eligio Ayala and Mexico.
-“Dr. Andres Barbero” Ethnographic Museum. España Nr. 217 and Mompox.
-Centre of Visual Arts (Clay Museum). Grabadores del Cabichui e/ Emeterio Miranda and Cañada.


River Tourism



The Paraguay River and the Bay of Assumption
This summer, instead of just passing walking on its streets, we could repeat the same experience as the conquerors who discovered Assumption, by observing invaluable landscapes and enjoying the nature and the freshness of the Paraguay River.
Cuñataí boat. Capacity: 140 people. Departures: Sundays at 05:00 pm from the Sporting Club of Puerto Sajonia. (021) 420375.
Carlos Mateo Yacht. Nautical charters. Capacity: up to 60 people. (021) 375224 - 333257 (0981) 924712. Web:


"Paraguay" Cruising Boat. The “Chaco Programme” leaves the harbour of Assumption (from Friday at 07:00 pm to Sunday 05:00 pm). Summer 2007Cruisings: January 12th, February 23rd and March 23rd. (021) 447710 - 440669. E-mail:



Motorboats, Montevideo Beach - Chaco' I. To travel in picturesque motorboats from the Bay of Assumption to the locality of Chaco' I, where one enjoys an imposing panorama of Assumption. Address: Montevideo and Beach. The motorboats leave every half-hour.
San Blas (3 de Febrero) in Punta Karapa. The oldest popular Festival of Assumption. The Night religious service includes the procession and the “galoperas” dance of all ages at the rhythm of a typical band. It is there that the “José Asuncion Flores” Museum is set up, residence of the famous Paraguayan compositor, creator of the “Guarania”. Address: Punta Karapa. Salvador Guanes (extension of Caballero) and Comuneros.



Southern Access – Paraguari
A new way out of Assumption towards the south-east, the Southern Access first of all offers us a noisy urban atmosphere and then a quiet landscape full of coconuts or “mbocaya”. Towns formerly of difficult access invite us today to discover them and to enjoy their events programmed for the summer. When the Southern Access joins Road Nr. 1, we pass through a segment of the “Golden Circuit”, but while arriving at Paraguari, we choose to continue towards the south to be in presence of vast pastures, monumental hills, forests, brooks, cascades and the enigmatic Ypoa Lake.
Road 1: Paraguari - Carapegua – Caapucu
Carapegua. Km 86. In the marshes of the Ypoa Lake abound the estuaries, marshes, islands, hills, bordering forests and the lagoons connected among them.
Franco Isla and Mocito Isla (30 km from Carapegua): for the lovers of nature and Paraguayan culture. Crossing of marshes in boat to Mocito Isla. Paths. Typical meals. Craft industry. Information: “Tierranuestra” Foundation. (021) 220332.



“Oñondivepa” Foundation. (0532) 212503.
Caapucu. Km 141. “Che Renda Alazan” Festival. Large procession of chestnut horses. Typical meals and a lot of music. Carried out during the second half of February.
Estancia “Santa Clara”. (APATUR) Caapucu. Km 141, then 7 km detour sign. Cattle and tourism. Lodging in rooms with private bath. “Quincho” and swimming pool. Rural productive activities according to the season, cavalcade on top of the hill. (021) 605729 - (0981) 405020 - (0971) 338260.
E-mail:  APATUR. (021) 210550 Ext. 126/7
“Casa Oratorio Cabañas” Museum. The Farmhouse of Yaguary. Road 1, km 154. Caapucu. “Oga Guazu”. Old estancia enclosure of the 18th century. Jesuitical sculptures of the “Lord of Patience” and the “Virgin of the Rosary”, patrons of the place. Original furniture and objects. Restored by the MEC and the “Carlos Colombino Lailla” Foundation.
Through the Carapegua - Acahay – Ybycui junction
“Mamorei” Farm. 115 km from Assumption. Country house. Comfortable rooms. Interpretative paths. Challenges’ Program. For groups from 15 people, only with anticipated reservation.
Information: “Tierranuestra” Foundation. (021) 220332. “Mamorei” Farm: (0971) 721600.

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“Ybycui” National Park. 151 km from Assumption. One of the most visited national parks because of the freshness of its woods and brooks. 150 km from Assumption. (Road Nr. 1 towards Carapegua, then Acahay deviation, Ybycui and Ybycui NP).
. Recreation Zone. Visitors Centre, camping area, baths, changing rooms, paths, “Mina” brook, “Mina” Cascade, “Salto Guarani”, and other natural attractions.
. Historical Zone: “La Rosada”. Foundry of the middle of the 19th century. In times of peace, it was used to manufacture rails for the railroad, tool and fitting for shipyards. It was attacked and destroyed by the allies during the War against the Triple Alliance on May 17th, 1869.


Through the Carapegua - Acahay – La Colmena junction
La Colmena. 132 km from Assumption. Founded in 1936 by Japanese immigrants. First colony of citizens of Asian origin in Paraguay.
“Maria Auxiliadora” Field. Isla Ybaté. “Carai mi” brook, cascades, falls, natural swimming pool and woods. Paths, rafting with zodiac, Tyrolienne. (021) 290233 - (0971) 710033.
Salto Crystal. Imposing natural fall. Descent in “Rappel” on 30m wall. Natural Swimming


Misiones and Ñeembucu
The areas of the south and the south-west of the country offer us the missionary tradition, enviable sites for sport fishing, the incredible history of the Jesuitical reductions, significant places pointing out the War against the Triple Alliance and the interminable pastures and marshes of the South.
Through Road Nr. 1
Villa Florida. Km 160. White sand beaches on the Tebicuary River. Water sports. Sport fishing. Lodging and restaurants: “Centu Cué” (083) 240 - (083) 349 (021) 504154. Villa Florida National Tourism Hotel (083) 207. “Tebicuary” Inn (083) 205. “Las Mercedes” Inn (083) 220



San Miguel. Km 173. Well-known for the woollen craft industry presented in the entire town.
San Juan Bautista. Km 196. Huge mansion of Mangoré, home of Agustin Pio Barrios; it is a Cultural Centre. Second half of January: Muddle, San Juan’s Sausage and Siriki Festivals.



San Ignacio. Km 226. The oldest Jesuitical Reduction. Diocesan Museum. “Tañarandy” Neighbourhood. Lodging and restaurants: “Arapysandu” Hotel (08223) 2213. “San Ignacio Guazu” Hotel (08223).2924 - 2334. “La Casa de Loly” (08223) 2362. San Ignacio Country Club (08223) 2895. “Kandiré” Restaurant (021) 508836 - (0981) 502947. “Altamirano” Hotel Restaurant (08223) 2334.



Santa Maria de Fe. 249 km from Assumption (16 km from Road 1 km 223). Preserves an original sector of the Natives’ Houses. Baroque Museum. Lodging and restaurants: “Santa Maria” Hotel (0781) 283311 Web:



Santa Rosa. 248 km from Assumption (2 km from Road 1, km 246). Frescos in the “Virgen de Loreto” Chapel, with the walls painted by the indigenous. 20m high Original Jesuitical belfry. Entire Natives’ House, of only one room. Santa Rosa Church.



Road Nr. 1 (km 261) - Santiago – Ayolas
A 50 km superb motorway connects Road 1 (km 261) to the city of Ayolas.



Santiago. 287 km from Assumption. House of Natives. Museum of splendid religious sculptures. Parish church with unique complete Jesuitical altarpiece in the country.
Taming and Folklore Festival (Estancia Tacuaty), January 7th. Skills of Paraguayan and foreign horse riders in lasso handling, colts taming, marking, rodeo.
Missionary Tradition Celebration. January 18th, 19th and 20th. Music, folkloric Mass and important equestrian procession “Torin”, colts taming, and other skills demonstrations.
“Tupasy Maria” Monastery. Benedictine Monastery. Place of meditation. 12 km from Santiago.
(0782) 20034.
The influence area of Yacyreta’s Dam. Information for visits: “Entidad Binacional Yacyreta” (EBY). (072) 222276/(021) 445055 Web:
The Yacyreta’s Dam. Important hydro-electric dam shared by Argentina and Paraguay.
Ayolas. 311 km from Assumption. Fishing Tourist city. Lodging: Tourism National Hotel (072) 222273. Yacyreta Apart Hotel (072) 222659. Ayolas Hotel (072) 222844. “Posada Coratei” (072) 222170.
Regional Museum of the EBY. Archaeological and mineral discoveries. Samples of indigenous fauna. “Atinguy” Fauna Refuge. Regional fauna reservation. 18 km from Ayolas.
Yacyreta Natural Reservation, located at the non floodable end of the Yacyreta Island. It is characterized by the dunes and the Arary woods. Visitors Centre. Paths.



EMITUR’s Estancias (Misiones’ Organization of Tourism). Reservations: (0782) 20286.
San Miguel: San Francisco Hut. Road 1, km 176. (083) 240328 (0971) 216171
San Ignacio: Tahyity. Road N1, km 201. (082) 232674 (0975) 649350
Santiago: “Tambo Santa Juana”. Road 1, km 258. (0975) 619669. Estancia Tacuaty. 9 Km from the motorway. (0782) 20286. “Tambo Curupa’ y”. 1 km from the urban zone (0782) 20043. San Juan. 5 km from the urban zone (0782) 20234 (0985) 763340



Road Nr. 4: San Ignacio - Pilar. A glance on the Ñeembucu
Pilar. 326 km from Assumption. City Hall Museum (personal objects of Marshal Lopez, trophies, weapons, and other objects of the 19th Century). Sport fishing. Lodging: Liza Apart Hotel (086) 32944/5. Monumental Hotels I and II (086) 32888 -32712.
Isla Umbu. 18 km from Pilar. Picturesque village. Unique architectural inheritance in the country. Church built by Marshal Lopez. Museum in Lopez’ former quarters.
Humaita. 38 Km from Pilar. Ruins of “San Carlos” Temple (the famous Humaita Ruins). Museum of Lopez’ former quarters. Particular Historical Museum of the Candia Family.
Paso de Patria. 62 km from Pilar. Fishermen’s favourite place. It is there that waters of Paraguay and Parana Rivers get together.



Road 6: Encarnacion - Ciudad del Este
Encarnacion. Km 370 of Road 1 and km 0 of Road 6. The brightest Paraguayan Carnival is celebrated in the “Pearl of the South” during the first two weekends of February. Encarnacion has good hotels and restaurants. The “San Roque Gonzalez de Santacruz” Bridge, 2.550 m long, on the Parana River, connects it to Posadas, Argentina.
Hotels: SPA Aquario Hotel (071) 202676. Cristal Hotel (071) 202371/2. Encarnacion Resort Hotel (071) 207248. Hotel de la Costa (071) 205694.
Sport fishing. Hunting and Fishing Clubs in Encarnacion (Pacu Cua), Hohenau, Bella Vista, Capitan Meza.
Tyrol Hotel. Capitan Miranda. Km 18,5. Built in 1958 with stones of the region. Vast swimming pools. Paths. Ballroom. Restaurant. (071) 202388/211053/5.
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Paso Guembé (Trinidad). Km 30. Watermelon National Festival. January 13th and 14th. Picturesque event. Award to the biggest watermelon collected in the region. Queen Election and folkloric show.


Trinidad. Km 31.
Jesus. 11 km off Road 6 from Trinidad.
Parque Manantial. Hohenau. Km 35. Walks in jeep, truck or with horse, crossing the Capiibary river through a suspended bicycle, swimming pool, camping area, barbecue and restaurant.
(075) 32250/32732 - (0985) 703500. E-mail:
Spa Bio Vital. Obligado. Km 38,5. (071) 720073/720091.
Bella Vista. Km 45. The Capital of Maté herb.
Museum. History of immigrants. Objects and old photographs. Maté plantations. Tours to discover the “maté” process. “Yerba Pajarito”: (0767) 240240.
Papillon Hotel. Bella Vista. Km 45. Comfortable rooms. Swimming pools. Ballrooms. Restaurant (typical Paraguayan and German meals). (0767) 240235/240280.
E-mail:  Web:


Influence Zone of the reservation on the San Rafael National park
PROCOSARA’s Headquarters. Located in the extreme south of the reservation area for the San Rafaël National park. Lodging in hut or camping area. Interpretative paths. Visitors Centre. PROCOSARA is a NGO which, for years, has been fighting for the conservation of the region’s woods.


(0768) 295046 (Christine Hostettler or Celia Garayo) E-mail:
Salto Takuapi. District of Itapua Poty. Mother Nature’s Wonder hidden in the woods. Information: Municipality of Itapua Poty. Secretariat of Environment (Rosana Lopez). (076) 420303.



The Jesuitical Reductions
All of them propose guided tours. Information: SENATUR. (021) 494110.

San Cosme and San Damian. 335 km from Assumption (deviation Road 1, km 308). Polychrome wooden images and several baptismal sculptures, armchairs, candelabra, baptismal funds and solar clock.
Trinidad. Road 6, km 31. Declared “Cultural Inheritance of the Humanity”. One of the most important Jesuitical constructions of the 30 Jesuitical villages. Jesuitical Museum and Litical Museum.
Jesus de Tavarangué. 42 km from Encarnacion (deviation on Road 6, km 31, Trinidad). Declared “Cultural Inheritance of the Humanity”. Church which was under construction. It would have been one of the largest churches, with its 70 m long and 24 m large nave. On January 14th takes place there the Festival of San Isidro Labrador, protective Saint of the farmers.



Guaira - Caazapa – Caaguazu
This region embraces the heart of the Eastern Area. It divides the basins of the large rivers. It is there that the cordilleras decide if the streams will go towards the Paraguay River or the Parana River. Nature, hills, forests, pastures, adventure, culture and traditions are preserved there in spite of the timestamp.
Through Road 8 towards the South
Coronel Oviedo. 132 km from Assumption. Formerly called “Garlic’s”. Famous crossing of ways presenting several options: towards North, the Amambay and Mbaracayu mountains, towards the East the border with Brazil, and towards the South the Yvytyrusu region.
“Don Emilio” Estancia. 6 km from Coronel Oviedo. A large mansion of colonial style. Cavalcades, fishing in fresh-waters. (021) 660791 - (021) 603994 - (0981) 507105.



Guairá - Caazapá - Caaguazú
Esta región abarca el corazón de la Región Oriental. Es la divisoria de cuencas de los grandes ríos. Allí las cordilleras deciden si las aguas irán hacia el Río Paraguay o el Río Paraná. Naturaleza, cerros, bosques, pastizales, aventura, cultura y tradiciones que se mantienen a pesar del paso del tiempo.


Por la Ruta 8 hacia el sur

Coronel Oviedo
A 132 km. de Asunción. Antes llamado “Ajos”. Famoso cruce de caminos con varias opciones: hacia el norte las serranías del Amambay y el Mbaracayú, hacia el este la frontera con el Brasil, y hacia el sur la región del Yvytyrusú.



APATUR (021) 210550 Ext. 126/127. E-mail:


“Ñemity Farm”. 150 km from Assumption (in front of the access towards Yataity). Lodging in rooms or camping area. Walks in “carumbé”, Polish car and cart. Swimming pool. (021) 512028 - (0549) 20095 - (0971) 228901. APATUR (021) 210550 Ext. 126/127.



Yataity. 155 km from Assumption (18 km to Villarrica). Cradle of the “ao po’i”. The visitors can purchase the handmade clothes and appreciate the very old
weaving looms and tools used by the first weavers and embroiderers in this typical Guairan town.


Villarrica. 173 km from Assumption. Called “the itinerant” because moved seven times in more than 100 years, between 1570 (located in the current State of Parana, Brazil) and 1690 (current location). Historically it has been a cultural centre and is, today, a merry university town. A tour through the city is very advisable. Information: Government of Guaira. Secretariat of Tourism. (0541) 43274 (Caio Scavone or Luis Ramirez). E-mail:



The Carnival of Guaira. High coloured festival in the Guairan capital. Good tourism infrastructure: Villarrica Palace Hotel (0541) 43048/42832. Ybytyruzu Hotel (0541) 42390/40844/41507/41598


The nature and enigmas of the Yvytyrusu



Colonia Independencia. Surrounded by hills, woods and pastures. Its first inhabitants were retired soldiers of WWI’s German army. Town producing handmade wine. Good hotels and excellent restaurants. 25 km from Villarrica.
Salto Suizo. 50 m fall in an enchantment site. Natural swimming pool. Ideal for descending in “rappel”.
Cerro Akati. One of the highest hills. 650m. Accessible by car.
Ita Letra. Stone inscriptions maintaining secrets which have not been revealed yet.
“Tres Kandu” Hill. The highest peak of Paraguay. 842m. Path up to the top in order to observe the panorama of the whole region.
Railroad stations. The old railway stations of Guaira are true highlights containing more than 100 years of history: Tebicuary, Hyaty (nowadays Felix Perez Cardozo), Villarrica, San Salvador, Iturbe, Ñumi, Garay and Fassardi.



Caazapa. 228 km from Assumption. Historical city preserving colonial residences in the urban area. It was the most important Franciscan Reduction of the “Rio de la Plata”. Attractions: San Pedro and San Pablo Church which preserves the altarpiece of the old Franciscan Reduction, San Roque’s Oratory (1779), the “Fray Juan Bernardo de Caazapa” Museum, the “Ycua Bolaños” (where, according to the legend, Fray Luis of Bolaños had water spout out in times of drought). Fiestas in January for the anniversary of its foundation. Ycua Bolaños Festival.
Lodging: Colonial Hotel (0542) 232290. Brazil Hotel (0542) 232285.
Estancia “Loma Linda”. 260 km from Assumption (16 km after Maciel). Lodging. Horse-or-in-carts walks. Fishing. “Perpetuo Socorro” Church in the area of the estancia. (021) 683003. APATUR (021) 210550 Ext. 126/127.



Through Road 7 towards the East
Estancia “Golondrina”. 252 km from Assumption (Road 7 until km 235, Torin, from there 17 km towards South). 100 km to Ciudad del Este. A part of the property is constituted by the “Ypeti” private Natural Reservation. Tours by boat or sport fishing on the Monday river. Excursion guided by path, in the reservation. Cavalcades. Visitors Centre. Bungalows (double rooms and private bath). (026) 262893/4. APATUR (021) 210550 Ext. 126/127. E-mail:
High Parana and Canindeyu
It is the region of the red ground, the Parana River, the effervescent Ciudad del Este, the imposing Hydro-electric Central of Itaipu, and the natural reservations preserving the flora and the fauna of the remainders of the High Parana’s Atlantic Forest.
Ciudad del Este. Capital of High Parana. Young growing fast city, located in the influence zone of “the three borders” (Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay). Intense traffic and border trade throughout the “Friendship” Bridge. Huge purchases centre. Many trade stores offer an infinite variety of imported items. Good hotels and restaurants: Hotel California (061) 500378 - 500350. Hotel Austria (061) 504213/4. Hotel Munich (061) 500347. Panorama Inn Hotel (061) 500110. Gran Hotel Convair (061) 508555. Paraiso Golf Resort (Minga Guazu) (061) 514548. Rosa Palace Hotel (Pte. Franco) (061) 550152 - 550814.



ITAIPU (Hernandarias)
Tourist Complex of the Itaipu Binational Entity
Reception Centre of Visits of the Right Bank, Hernandarias: (061) 599 8040/8045.
E-mail: The guided tours, for an optimal attention, are categorized in: tourist visit, special visit and technical visit. The reservations must be carried out with at least one week of anticipation.
The Hydro-electric Power station. One of the seven modern wonders of the world. Imposing structures and extraordinary sound and light show.


The Environmental Centre of the Right Bank. Located on the Super motorway at 11,5 kilometres from Ciudad del Este. It embraces:
. Monumental Illumination of the Hydro-electric Power station. Show of lights, sounds and visual multicoloured expressions extending on 3 km.
. The Museum of the Guarani Land. Unique place of research, observation, education and diffusion of the Guarani Culture and the environment of the area. It uses the same high level of interactivity multi-media technology as the best museums of the world. (061) 5998782/8607.
. The Zoological garden and the Research Centre of Wild animals, Forest Seedbed and Aquiculture Station. Centres of study, analyzes and investigations tending to the safeguarding of the native fauna and flora.
. “Tati Yupi” Biological Refuge. One of the conservation units of the Itaipu Dam sector. Great scenic beauty: woods contrasting with the water mirror of the dam and the engineering works. Full contact with the nature. To access the Itaipu’s protected sectors (Tati Yupi, Itabo, and others): (061) 599-8724/599-8792/599-8714/599-8715.


Within the regional framework
“Scientist Moises S. Bertoni” Monument. Historical site and exceptional museum. It was a scientific experimentation centre of the Wise Bertoni and his family, in the fields of botany, zoology, climate, geology, geography, history and ethnography. Guided tours.



Salto Monday. Presidente Franco. Imposing 45m waterfall. Municipal Park with watchtower and paths.
Parana Country Club. Golf links and two of first-class hotels:


Casablanca Hotel & Golf (061) 572121. E-mail:
Hotel Residence de la Tour (061) 572483. E-mail:
Staufenberg Hotel. Santa Rita. (0673) 20240/1.
Hotel Tower`s Tourismo: Salto del Guaira (046) 242096
Imperio Hotel: Salto del Guaira (046) 242511
Natural reservation of the Mbaracayú Wood
64.405 hectares reservation of threatened ecosystems, on global level. Visits infrastructure: lodging, paths, visitors’ centre, biological station. Cruises by boat on the “Jejui mi” Rio, Tyrolienne, and visit to the “Karapa” waterfall with 50m “in rappel” descent. Expert Guides.



Northern Access - San Pedro - Concepcion East – Amambay


The Northern Access, Road 3, constitutes a new exit of Assumption that makes possible to gain several hours of voyage towards the North of the Eastern Region. The road crosses a region of marshes and villages of great tradition. The cool nights of the Amambay Cordillera constitute the final destination of a journey rich in emotions.
Limpio. Km 23. One of the oldest cities of Paraguay. “San José Obrero” Church, with wooden images, invaluable altarpieces and colonial style sculptures. Craft industry: hats, bags and other items carried out in palm or “karanda’y”. Patron’s festival: San José (March 19th).
“Las Delicias” Educational and Recreational park – San José. 1 km to Limpio, by the junction to “Piquete Cué”. Environmental education and recreation. Camping area, irrigated area used for cultivation, farmyard with passage, breeding ground, worms’ pond, “tatakua” furnace, cutwater.
(021) 480865 - (021) 780569. E-mail:
San Guillermo Hut. Emboscada. Km 35. On the banks of the Piribebuy and Paraguay Rivers. Excellent place for sport fishing, cruises on both rivers and rural tasks. Pier. Chapel. Closed quincho for events. Swimming pool. Lodging in rooms. (021) 225285 - (0981) 410542.
APATUR (021) 210550 Ext. 126/7. E-mail:


Carlos Franco Country Golf Club. Arroyos y Esteros. Km 50. 18 holes Links and Club-house. (021) 297676. (0516) 252123/5.


San Estanislao (Santani). Km 151. Culture House and Historical Museum. Santani is an enigmatic place: it is said that the foreigner who dares to bathe in the Tapiracuai River will be bewitched by its water and will always feel like getting back there. The Culture House and the Historical Museum are established in an old Jesuitical College used by Marshal Lopez during the War against the Triple Alliance. (043) 20254 -20454.
Santa Rosa Crossing (km 260): towards Laguna Blanca (to the East) or San Pedro (to the West).
Rancho Laguna Blanca. 287 km from Assumption (27 km to the Santa Rosa Crossing). Beaches of white sand and high dunes. 150 hectares water mirror with transparent water for snorkelling (swimming under water) and tours in boats. Rural tasks and horse walks. Camping area.
Information: Malvina Duarte. (021) 422020 - (0971) 167600. E-mail:


San Pedro del Ycuamandiyu. 333 km from Assumption. Old village on the banks of the Jejui river. In a downtown park, “Garcia Caaguy”, the natives would have assassinated the man who discovered Paraguay, the Portuguese Alejo Garcia, the first European in having navigated the “Tapé Aviru”. Cathedral with a large altarpiece of sculpted wood and beautiful images. On March 16th is celebrated the anniversary of its foundation by means of festive celebrations, folkloric dances and fishing contests.
“Cerro Cora” National Park. 50 km to Pedro Juan Caballero. Scene of the ultimate battle of the War against the Triple Alliance, and of the death of Marshal Francisco Solano Lopez (on March 1st, 1870), on the banks of the “Aquidaban Nigui”. Important natural reservation. Visitors Centre, auditorium for 80 people, recreational area on the banks of the “Aquidaban” river. Guided tours by foresters. The watchtower of “Cerro Muralla” allows to visualize the heights of the place forming a circle or a corral (from there its name “cerro cora”).



Paraguay River - Concepcion West - Paraguayan Pantanal

This area is very little explored by the Paraguayans themselves and the foreign visitors. The city of Concepcion is the starting point towards unforgettable landscapes, as well through the road to Vallemi as through the Paraguay River. The Department of Concepcion, bordered by three important rivers - Paraguay, Apa and Ypané - offers a large variety of natural and cultural attractions.
Concepcion. 415 km from Assumption (TransChaco Road - Pozo Colorado - Nanawa Bridge). Ideal place to know new friends and to enjoy fishing, water sports and a delicious gastronomy. A walk downtown should include passing by the historical city centre embracing some 25 blocks of houses and presents elegant buildings, the Open Air Museum where old locomotives and heavy machines are exhibited, the Museum of the Villareal Quarter (of Marshal Lopez’ Quarter) and “Maria Auxiliadora”’s Monument, among others.
The French Hotel. It is the most traditional hotel. It found its origins in 1913 and was witness of those years of great socio-economic rise of Concepcion when it constituted a breeding and exploitation centre of maté herb and wood. It is to its first owner, Alain Mougin, that it owes its Gallic and “Belle Epoque” touch. (031) 42383 - 42600 - 42750.
Local gastronomy. To enjoy the local gastronomy based on exquisite river fish: Toninho Restaurant, Restaurant of the “Hotel Francés” and other good addresses.


The transparent waters of the Tagatiya: a natural aquarium
90 kilometres at the North of Concepcion, the transparent Tagatiya river flows on a calcareous bed, surrounded by exuberant vegetation (high trees, ferns and “tacuaras” (bamboos)). It offers lodging in rooms, rustic huts and camping areas in the “Ña Blanca” and “Santa Irene” estancias. Activities: snorkel in order to observe fishes of various sizes and colours, descent of river, Tyrolienne, horse riding and paths excursions. Information: (031) 42742. (0971) 819822. E-mail:



Travelling through the Paraguay River
Tourism specialists affirm that the Paraguay river, with its natural and cultural environment, is one of the most attractive rivers in the world. There are several kinds of boats which enable us to enjoy this little known corner of our country.
Aquidaban Boat: Concepcion - Bahia Negra - Concepcion. Cabins. Departure from Concepcion: Tuesday 11:00am. Return: Sundays at dawn. (031) 42435 – 42370
Cacique II Boat: Assumption - Vallemi - Assumption. Cabins. Departure from Assumption (Montevideo Beach): Wednesday 07:00am. Return: Monday at dawn. (021) 492829 (Monday and Tuesday).
Cruise ship “Crucero Paraguay”. Pantanal Program. Concepcion - Fuerte Olimpo - Concepcion. Luxury Ship. Unforgettable six-day-journey to the Paraguayan Pantanal. Departure during summer 2007: February 8th. (021) 447710 - 440669.





Vallemi, San Lazaro and Tres Cerros
Speleology (caves exploration): Tres Cerros, Cerro of Vallemi, Cerro Riso, Cerro Tigre. Nautical tourism and fishing: Paraguay and Apa rivers. Observation of flora and fauna. Visit to the National Industry of Cement (INC). Accompaniment by specialized guides.
Fuerte Olimpo. Chief town of the Department of High Paraguay. Entry to the Pantanal, the largest marsh of the world, shared by Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. Activities: guided tours of Bourbon Fort, the Cathedral Church, the Indigenous Museum, path at “Cerro Tres Hermanos” (535 steps and 10 stations of environmental interpretation), the Ishir “Santisima Virgen” Indigenous Community (welcome of the Shaman, exhibition and sales of craft industry), cruises by boat (fishing or observation of the landscape, the flora and fauna). Information: National operator (010) and ask for # “229” in Fuerte Olimpo (COPANTUR – Prof. Cristina de Mendez). Lodging and Restaurants: Hotel AA. 117 (ask for it at “010”). Corridor with sight on the Paraguay river. Restaurant (fish specialities). Chaco Pantanal Hotel. 123 (to be requested at the “010”).
Lodging in Pedro Juan Caballero: Hotel Casino Amambay (036) 71140.


Eiruzu Hotel. (036) 72435. Bertea Hotel (036) 71958.


TransChaco road



The adventure for discovering the Paraguayan Chaco begins by crossing the “Remanso” Bridge. The landscapes change while going towards the North-West. First, the Wet Chaco or “Sea of Palm trees” (due to its panoramic palm plantations of “karanda’y”). Beyond Pozo Colorado, they combine with brushwoods and small dry woods, full of cactuses, “caraguata” and other thorny plants which dominate the landscape.
Villa Hayes. Km 36. Historical buildings, Museum, panoramic coast, walks on the Paraguay and Confuso rivers. Posada Guadalupe (old rest mansion of Mrs Lynch). (026) 263050. Information: CIH SA. (026) 262365 - (0991) 746190.

E-mail: -


A few rest stops on the way: Meals and fuel.
Parador Pirahu. Km 249. Authenticate saloon of the Paraguayan West proposing good meals.
Parador of the Paraguayan Touring and Automobile Club. Pozo Colorado. Km 270.
Buffalo Bill Restaurant Inn. Km 283,5. (0981)832411.


Central Chaco.
Mennonite Colonies: Good hotels and restaurants. Supermarkets. Milk industry. Banking services. Museums. Guides: Hans Fast. (0492) 52422 (0981) 203375 E-mail: ; Walter Ratzlaff (0492) 53301/401/501 E-mail: ; Heinz Wiebe (0493) 240201/4-240301/4 E-mail: ; Web:

Menno Colony. (1927). Administrative centre: Loma Plata. Historical museum. 438 km (deviation of 22 km from TransChaco Road).
Fernheim Colony. (1930). Administrative centre: Filadelfia. Jacob Unger Museum (historical and faunal), Eirene Hospital’s Zoological garden. 467 km (deviation of 14 km from TransChaco Road).
Neuland Colony. (1947). Administrative centre: Neu-Halbstadt (alias Neuland). Historical museum. 470 km (deviation of 20 km from TransChaco Road).


Loma Plata: Palace Hotel (0492) 52180/53190. E-mail: ; Loma Plata Inn Hotel (0492) 53235. Mora Hotel (0492) 52255. Loma Plata Guesthouse (0492) 52829


Filadelfia: Florida Hotel. (0491) 32151/4. E-mail: ; Golondrina Hotel (0491) 32643/33111. E-mail: ; Hotel of the Paraguayan Touring and Automobile Club. Km 450 TransChaco Road (detour towards Filadelfia) (021) 210550- ext. 126 (TACPy).
Neuland: Boqueron Hotel (0493) 240/311 (0971) 250581. E-mail:
Mariscal Estigarribia: Parador Arami (0494) 247230


Private Protected Natural Areas.
Guided tours after coordination with local guides.
Campo Maria. 4.500 Ha. Salted lagoons. Woods. Watchtowers. Paths.
Laguna Capitan. Good infrastructure for groups lodging. Hangar for activities. Paths. Bath Cutwater with springboard. Salted lagoons.
Chaco Lodge. One of the largest salted lagoons of Central Chaco. Declared Ramsar Site (marsh of international importance).


Historical sites of the Chaco’ War (1932-1935).
Some of them can be visited:
Boqueron Fort. Museum of the Chaco’s War. Guided tours to museum and interpretative paths.
Isla Po’i. Old General Commandment of Lieutenant Colonel José Felix Estigarribia, Commander of the Paraguayan Army at that time.
Fortin Toledo. Site of old fort. Cemetery of Paraguayan and Bolivian soldiers.
Punta Riel. Fred Engen Station. Km 145 of the old railroad which took along Paraguayan soldiers from Puerto Casado up to the heart of the Chaco. Essential for the Mennonite migration to Central Chaco since 1927.


High Chaco
Mariscal Estigarribia. Km 525. “Santa Maria” Cathedral Church, San Miguel Church, Museum of the Pilcomayo’s Apostolic Vicariate, the longest airport runway of South America (3.800 m).
Santa Teresita. Km 520. “Areté Guazu” Celebration of the “Great Guarani Nation”. Extraordinary disguises and masks. Unique in Paraguay. Over there live more than 1.000 natives of distinct partialities (Occidental Guarani, Guarani-Ñandeva, Nivaclé and Manjui). It is on that site that the Pope Jean Paul II celebrated a mass in 1988.
Estancia La Patria. Km 652. Infrastructure and activities developed for rural tourism. Information: Paraguayan Touring and Automobile Club. (021) 210550/3.
E-mail:  Web:
“Teniente Agripino Enciso” National Park. Km 700. Administrative headquarters. Foresters. Rooms or camping area. Guided interpretative paths (typical ecosystem of the Dry Chaco and trenches and knockings of the Chaco’s War). Managed by the Secretariat of Environment (SEAM). (021) 615812.




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